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Sunday, May 12, 2013

breaking the silence

im doing just fine
in fact, i've never been better

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New chapter.

So a few more days later i will be free. In the past, every simple things is pure happiness.
i'm not sure since when... but happiness is getting lesser as time goes by.
2012 was a tough but amazing year, and so as 2013 and so on..
we never know what the future holds... 
im still thankful to all those who bring these happiness and joy into my life throughout the years.
my gigii and my okii~
I wish these happiness that i found now will last long ^^ plan more vacation~~
and i hope you all can be happy too! xD
anyone who's not happy can find me anytime aa~

And... the song below is still the most encouraging song ever! xD

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

♥ words can't describe how thankful was i to know you.

Thanks for being there for me through my hardest moment
It does get better in time.
♥ ♥

Friday, September 9, 2011

Painful pimple

i enjoy a lot during this holiday.  feel relaxed staying at home and i kinda miss this peaceful life lol.. haha. i wish to spend more time here.

today, i went to beauty salon for facial and mask- to cure my pimple. haha. it's a p p pa....... painful experience. i don't really wish to go back but i enjoy the massage and mask.. lol imagine i have to pretend to talk nicely and smile back when in my mind, im shouting my lung out... im trying so hard to control my tear but i cannot help with my crooked mouth(caused by the pain) hahaha.. i was shocked with the pain though.. haha.. i guess my brother also suffer the same in the other room but of course slightly less than me la since i have more pimple on my face. haha.

*peace* finally done with the facial~~ wearing the sarung they provided to me. lol~ i actually asked the kakak if i should take off all my clothes, and she give me a shocked expression following by 'no no no'.  ahahha i did asked her other stupid questions too but im glad she was there that time phew~  =_______________="

and this is my dinner~ mommy know i've been craving for fish and *something that look like katak

my baby joined us for dinner that night. heeeeeeeeeee.. soo happy~

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Mines

Yesterday, Sis brought us to The Mines for the first time to watch Kungfu Panda 2. I never expect that the mall is so big. I thought it's just a small mall like Bukit Jalil Carrefour. -.- so many shops inside but my pocket money is not enough already, so i didn't buy anything :(

Bukit Jalil is damn packed yesterday =.= see those car blocking some of the road zzz

jammmm all the way out...

and the police blocking the road.. we're still clueless about the jam. Seems like everyone is super excited about stadium's event.

They're letting the VIPs in. lol i guess it's a big event huh o.O.

thought that we arrive already when i saw this empty building and told sis "oh! The Mines is closed already". wtf im wrong, this is not the mall -___-

 finally reach the destination after lost for a couple of times~ T.T

:O there's an indoor river inside the mall 

KFC for dinner again. =.=

enjoying his food.

he's going crazy for chocotop because IOWA doesn't have it. LOL


We went for a movie. didn't expect so many people watching kunfu panda 2, in the end only front seat left.. so, we watch Super 8 instead. i remember sis said we must go earlier to buy ticket, and i told her no need so rush lar, many people watch already. =___="" im speechless..